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Simea Sutter

Movie Romance

„Cut!“ yelled the director angrily. “Claire, could you at least try to act the part, you’re just an extra, there are plenty of other girls out there waiting for this job, so don’t make me regret choosing you over them more than I already do.“ With every word Claire got smaller and smaller and, in the end, she wished to just disappear. She was trying her best, but her boss was never satisfied, in one take it was her hand, in the other, it was her face. “Take 27”. Claire shrugged she could not fail again, or she for sure would lose this job and her potential way to fame.

She was nervous, she made her way to the dining table that stood in this small restaurant where the scene took place. Suddenly, she slipped and poured hot coffee all over Josh’s lap. “You’re fired!”, yelled the director before she stormed out crying. She had this one chance to fulfill her dreams and she failed because she was too clumsy. She really was a complete idiot for trying to become an actress. “Wait!” someone yelled, she recognized the voice, it was Josh. “What do you want, humiliate me even more?” “No, I wanted to make sure you’re okay.” “Yeah, sure”, she said, her voice dripping in sarcasm, “as if you care about me.”

Claire walked away this time, she didn’t get stopped so she got into her small car and drove home. Josh walked back inside; he knew following her wouldn’t make any sense. They continued filming but he could not get her out of his head. That’s why they had to reshoot every scene. The dissatisfaction of the director grew more and more, so he told everyone to go home. Probably so he could have a break and go smoke, after all he needed the nicotine more than his wife.

Inside her house Claire made herself tea to calm down, after all she was angry too. This idiot of a director had to fire her, now she would have to go to another thousand castings. She was lost in her thoughts when she heard the doorbell. Even though she thought about pretending not being home she still got up and opened the door.

 A hated face stared right back at her, and her mood sank to a level that you only achieve on Monday. “What do you want here, Josh?” “I brought you some flowers.” “So, what are flowers supposed to make me feel better? I just got fired because of my clumsiness. Plus, my role was a waitress and I failed. I work as a waitress!” “I brought chocolate too.” “I take the chocolate; you and the flowers can leave.” “Not gonna happen, we’re a package deal, you take all three or none. ““You just had to ruin chocolate, bye Josh”, she slammed the door and walked back to her book and her now probably cold tea.

Josh didn’t give up that easily, so he pressed the doorbell again and again. Five minutes later the door opened, and Claire glanced out. “How old are you, five?”, she asked. He nodded and pushed the door open and just walked in, followed by a confused Claire. “Look, whatever you want from me take it and leave I…” She could not finish because Josh already pressed his lips against hers. She pulled back and slapped him. “What is wrong with you?” she asked, “I am sorry, I don’t know what got into me. It just happened”, “Ah screw it!”, she kissed him again, but this time no one pulled away. “Claire, I have to tell you something, since I met you in middle school you have been all I’ve been able to think about and…, damn I forgot my line.”

“Cut” yelled the director. “Seriously, Tom, you know every line in this script accept the one where Josh tells Claire he loves her?” “I’m sorry, do you know all your lines, little miss Perfect? “No, but at least I read the Nikolas Sparks novel that this movie is based on.” “How can you read something like that. The romance in the Nikolas Sparks Novels is echt fake.”

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